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Respite Care / Hourly Care 
(Caregiver relief, Caregiver short-term break, Helping hand for caregivers, Hourly home care)

Respite care provides caregivers a break from their caretaking duties to complete other life responsibilities.

Respite care includes emotional and physical care in the home for the patient while caregivers are away.

Chat with the Nursing Home Attendant

What is included in Respite Care?
Empathy and Expertise.

Personal Care- Based on the patient's physical limitations personalized personal care will be provided. 

Light Home Care- Light Home Care includes light house keeping, tidying up, etc. These needs will be identified during the intake call.

Feeding- Our RK Health team will warm the food, encourage eating, and support the patient in completing their meal. 

Companionship- Our team will provide the emotional and social support.

Medical Reminders- Our team will promptly remind the patient about their medical needs. 

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RK Health is able to offer you Respite Care in a way that best fits your needs
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Hourly Care

4 Hour.png

Half-Day Care & 
Full-Day Care

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Multi Day Care*

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