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Caregiver Training
Teaching caregivers how to care for their loved one, physically and behaviourally. Get your first hour on us.  

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What will Caregiver Training include?

Activities of Daily Living Training

Trained professionals will teach caregivers on the personal care activities, based on the patient's physical limitations, which the caregiver would need to support with.

Personal care includes: going to the bathroom, taking a shower, moving from the bed to the wheelchair, feeding/eating, sponge bath, etc. 

Behaviour Management Training 

Caregivers will learn behavioural approaches needed to manage when an aging patient or a patient with Alzheimer's/dementia is experiencing the different behavioural stressors.

Pick the training session which is best for you

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2-Hour Training

  • Training on 1-2 Activities of Daily Living, which are identified during the intake session 

  • Behavioural Technique Training 

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Half-Day Training

  • Training on 2-4 Activities of Daily Living, which are identified during the intake session

  • Behavioural Technique Training 

  • Safety Audit/Tips  

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Full-Day Training

  • A comprehensive training on all ADLs (up to 8 of them) 

  • Behavioural Techniques

  • Safety Audit/Tips 

  • Professional Shadowing (Trained professional watches Caregiver engage with patient and shares feedback to ensure everything is being done correctly) 

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